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5 Reasons to Travel with Your Sister

1. Enjoying New Experiences Together

For our first trip together, Nicole and I explored Paris.

There is something so special about enjoying new experiences with someone who truly knows you. While this is something you can do with a significant other or best friend, it is totally different with someone who has known you your whole life. Nicole and I get to be apart of things that we have wanted to do since we were kids, like traveling throughout Europe. I get to see how much my little sister has grown, and get to do things that push my comfort-zone with someone who I know will always support me. 

2. Strengthening your Bond

One of my favorite memories with Nicole was sitting on the top of this church in the mountains of Barcelona, talking for hours.

Now that we are older, my sister and I can plan trips together, where we can spend time learning more about one another. I remember when we were younger, we would fight all the time, and our parents would say “one day, you two will be best friends.” Don’t tell them I said this, but my parents were right. My sister is my best friend, and I am always so grateful when we get to spend time alone talking about our lives and what we want to do with our futures. When we traveled to Barcelona, one of my favorite parts of our trip was when Nicole and I sat on the top of a mountain overlooking the city, talking about our experiences living abroad, and what we wanted to do in the next year. 

3. Freedom to be Yourself

Nicole and I both love cooking, so we agreed it would be fun to take a cooking class in Barcelona. It was so great being able to cook together, even when we were on vacation!

I have traveled with friends before, and as much fun as that is, there was always a part of me that felt like I was guarded. No one wants to be the “difficult friend” so you may find yourself agreeing to things you do not really want to do or trying to make sure that you are always in a great mood. With my sister, we were both able to be fully honest about exactly what each of us wanted to do (or what we had no interest in whatsoever). I also felt free to tell her when I was upset about things that didn’t go the way I had hoped, even when I knew I was being totally ridiculous (which she also had no problem pointing out). I also know that when you travel with friends, you may not always feel comfortable telling them when they are doing things that are annoying you, and let’s be honest, when you spend that much time with someone (especially with the stress of a trip), there are going to be times when you get annoyed with one another. With sisters, you grew-up telling each other how annoying you find one another, so this is no problem. I find that this helps address issues right away so they do not build up, leading to a drama-free experience.

4. Judge-free Photographer (mostly)

If I had to guess, I would say I have at least 100 pictures of Nicole and I here. We both LOVED the beautiful colors, and couldn’t stop taking pictures.

We all know that when you travel somewhere great, you want the perfect shot to capture those memories. We also know that it might take two or three (or fifty) tries to make sure you get that perfect shot. I feel totally comfortable asking my sister to take “just one more” when I didn’t like the first 35 pictures. Your sister also knows all your good sides and will be totally honest with you when your “sexy pose” actually just looks like you are trying to hold in a fart. She will also take plenty of unflattering candids that you can laugh about later.

5. Hello New Clothes

Want to spice up your pictures? Steal your sisters sunglasses and make her wear your frames. Just be prepared for them to look way cuter on her.

Traveling with your sister means that your outfit choices just doubled. I know whenever I travel, I always arrive at my destination and realize that I wish I had packed more clothes. When I travel with my sister, I am always able to steal a shirt or a dress to spice up my wardrobe (plus she always has way cooler clothes than me). Unfortunately, this goes both ways, so make sure to double check your bags before heading home (or your favorite jeans might be on their way to Paris).

Bonus: Family Time

Saying goodbye to your best friend is always the hardest part.

My sister and I are both living in Europe, with a 6-hour time difference from our friends and family back home. While we both are loving our experiences, taking trips together gives us both a little piece of home.

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